First Ultimate MITX Championships start on Feb 1st!

We will be posting the first UMC on Monday Feb. 1, 2016!

The 4 contestants for this first contest will be:

  1. Daeunn and her Corsair 250d
  2. Giovanni and his Ncase M1
  3. Matt and his Corsair 380t
  4. Neng and his Silverstone ML05

Early on Monday I will post the following:

-1 post on Instagramfor each individual contestant that will include their main picture, description of their build, and specs list! (4 posts total)

-1 picture collage on Instagram with all 4 main pics of each contestant, each pic/contestant will be assigned a number. You can vote for your contestant by simply commenting on that pic with their respective number!

-A blog post on WordPress that will show the contestants full library of pics, description, and spec list! (Will be linked in my Instagram bio as well as on forums and such)

-A poll that will let users vote for their favorite contestant. This voting is mainly for those users who do not have, or do not wish to vote on Instagram! However an individual is allowed to vote on both platforms!

At the end of Friday 5, 2016 I will close the voting for both platforms and tally up the votes! Winner will be announced the next day, Saturday through 1 post on Instagram and 1 small blog post here on WordPress!

Winner will receive an e-gift card from Amazon for $25!!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to post on any picture on my Instagram account @mitxlove or email me at!



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